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A New Day Festival Review - Day 3 31/8/22

"Maybe it was that end of a long weekend feeling but I took the opportunity to slip away into the night before the end of their set, reflecting that this festival offers a uniquely relaxed experience as well as the opportunity to hear some really good music. The line-up can’t hit the sweet spot every time but there’s enough variety and excellent musicianship to keep most people more than happy. Well done to promoter Dave Rees for organising such an excellent event in these troubled times. Long may it continue."

With our "Ten Minutes With Big River" interview to come tomorrow from this year's Faversham's A New Day Festival, today we look back at the Sunday and Day 3, which includes Simon Green's review and photos of Gryphon ('Estampe' Video Of The Day), Department S, Deborah Bonham, Blackbeard's Tea Party, N’Famady Kouyate, Ken Pustelnik’s Groundhogs, The Sweet, Skinny Molly and Atomic Rooster.

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