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A New Day Festival Review - Day 2 30/8/22

"The second day of the festival actually mainly featured a number of more obscure acts, to me anyway (I’m sure they’re all legends to their fans), that were all firmly steeped in the Progressive Rock world. In many ways this is perfect festival music, often featuring complicated arrangements of longer than average songs that contain the opportunity for multiple solos as well as for the whole band of highly accomplished musicians to go nuts in some frenetic battle as their instruments weave fast patterns around each other."

With a Day 3 review and an interview to come from this year's Faversham's A New Day Festival, today we look back at the Saturday and Day 2, which includes Simon Green's review and photos of Focus, Karnataka, Colosseum (Video Of The Day), Solstice, Kaprekar's Constant, Cuprum, Edgar Broughton, Haze and The John Hackett Band.


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