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A New Day Festival Review - Day 1 24/8/22

"Although, the stand out from the set, and most probably the whole day, was their cover of Montrose's 'Rock Candy', with both Cosmo and Fuller excelling, taking me back to 1974 and The Valley when Montrose opened for The Who. Suffice to say, Knut was correct. These Kids Are Alright!"

With reviews, photos and interviews still in the pipeline for this year's Faversham's A New Day Festival, today we look back at Friday and Day 1, which includes AJ's review and photoscourtesy of Les Linyard, including Big River, Rodney Branigan, John Verity Band, Rory McLeod, Heavy Metal Kids (The Sabine Jerram Stage Video Of The Day), Hugh Cornwell amd Kaz Hawkins with Jethro Tull, Stray and Ten Years After reviews to come.

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