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A New Day Festival 21/8/22

With a review of Day One to come of the A New Day Festival weekend, that kicked off on Friday at Mt Ephraim Gardens, Faversham, today we not only have our brilliant Day 1 photo gallery, thanks to our old friend Les Linyard (plus a few from AJ), but we also have an amazing Video Of The Day of Kaz Hawkins and her outstanding band (pictured) performing 'Feeling Good' on The Sabine Jerram Stage. Today's Day 3 itinerary includes: 12.10pm Ides Of Sedition (The Sabine Jerram Stage), 1pm Gryphon (The Canterbury Ales Stage), 1.55pm Department S (TSJS), 2.45pm Deborah Bonham (TCAS), 3.45pm Blackbeard's Tea Party (TSJS), 4.40pm N'Famady Kouyate (TCAS), 5.45pm Ken Pustelinik's Groundhogs (TSJS), 6.50pm The Sweet (TCAS), 8.10pm Skinny Molly (TSJS) and 9.20pm Atomic Rooster (TCAS). See you there!

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