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High energy female Hard Rockers Haxan have a message for their Rock mothers Girlschool. They’re saying “Were taking your 80’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, mixing it up with some 70’s Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (featuring Ronnie James Dio), dressing it up for the present and pronouncing we’re going to be the new kids on the block!” Well, we’ll raise a glass to that, for this powerhouse trio from South Wales are out to ‘Kill time before time kills you!’

Releasing their debut album ‘White Noise’ on Friday 24thJuly, they’ve teamed up with producer Todd Campbell (Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons) at the Stompbox Studios, South Wales. Haxan have already made a name for themselves prior to this release, playing at Download, Monsters Of Rock Cruises and Planet Rockstock, along with support slots with Status Quo, Electric Six and the Subways.

The band is made up of Sam Bolderstone vocals/guitar, Harriet Wadeson on bass guitar and Jess Hartley on drums – so let’s Rock! The opener ‘Damned If You Do’ kicks off at full pace down the M4, with speed restrictions lifted, dropping of at ‘Killing Time’ the top anthem of this nine song collective. ’Nine Lives’ is almost equally as strong as its predecessor, and purrs along with Jess pounding the kit in true Cozy Powell style, whilst ’Grave Digger’ brings out the riffamania, Messrs Blackmore and Dio made their name on.

’Louder Than Words’ alters the mood with its call of arms to war feel about it, but then, downing tempo, ‘Black Sheep’ gives Harriet a deserved spot at the bottom end. ’Crash And Burn’ picks up the pace again taking us through to the album’s powerful lead single, the epic five and half minute ‘Skeletons’, loosely their ‘Still Of The Night’ (Whitesnake). Closing out is ‘Living Dead’, a circus full of demons which makes for a clever ending.

As far as albums go - and I do believe that 9-10 songs is more than enough for an album - the quality of this content makes this the best long player I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far this year. ’Killing time before time kills me’ - I see this band undoubtedly rising somewhere on the horizon!

Geoff C.

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