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Joe Head


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Stripped back to its bare bones is a description which hardly does justice to this new collection of twelve songs from an artist, better known to us, as the frontman for Wrinklystock heroes and covers band The Replicants. All tracks here feature just vocals and guitar and can prove to be a challenging, but in the end, a very worthwhile listen - very much with the vibe of Page and Plant’s iconic MTV ‘Unledded’ session.

From the opening slow burning title track, which features just those seven words, to the more up tempo second song ‘Behind My Eyes’ featuring Head’s impressive acoustic guitar. Keeping in the same vein ‘Infinity’ (Free) and ‘Time Slips’ follow, the latter concerned with the speed of a passing life (and how youth is wasted on the young), again great playing lift the track as it begins to wander.

‘6 Years’ is probably the most commercial song on here and has a nice rhythm to it, and whilst not destined for massive radio airplay, it’s easily the most memorable track and the one that could see Joe reaching a wider audience. The meandering instrumental ‘Science Museum’ follows and is pleasant enough followed by both ‘Speed Of Darkness’ and ‘The Beginning Is Near’ which keep the momentum going, the first sounds intentionally messy but interesting none the less, the latter with its slightly fuzzy guitar and is yet another track from Joe with a multitude of layers, which again captures the grey matter’s attention.

‘Yesterday’s Sun Dial’ continues with the theme of the passing of time, and like a lot of the songs on the album, poses the question of the added benefit of a band version for some added depth and weight. The gentle ‘Water Freeze’ lifts the mood, before the longest song ‘Axiom’ with its spoken vocal and rap style delivery, gives us Mr. Head’s view on immortality, with ‘Cosmos’, on the whole a downbeat instrumental, bringing ‘WILIMIF’ ‘to its close.

As another reviewer cleverly put it – “this is the epitome of head-onism.” But it’s also an album with that magic formula of some instantly gratifying and rewarding tracks plus those that improve with repeated listens, and proves a good introduction into the music of an artist who easily falls into the category of “One To Watch”.

Phil C

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