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Noble Jacks


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Noble Jacks hail from the Southern coastal city of Brighton, and comprise of UK Americana nominated award fiddle playing Will Page on vocals/guitar, along with Matty Deveson on bass. Formed in 2014, they finally stabilised their line-up to build a concrete platform, which has led them to play at festivals such as Glastonbury, The Isle Of White and Bestival, along with many European events.

Having just come off a tour with The Dead South and the “CV” thing obviously putting paid to further dates, including an album launch show, the good news is that they released their new aforementioned sophomore deluxe CD edition of 'Stay Awake' for peoples ears yesterday.

Comparison time? Well if your bag is The Levellers and Mumford Sons style, you’re going to like what’s going on here! Lets hit the start button. First up on this fourteen track album is ‘Ten Times’, a catchy mid-tempo violin riffed Folk rocker, followed swiftly by a more lighter dreamy Pop guitar driven ‘Lights Out’.

In at No.3 the love hopeful ‘Rely On Love’, while the Indy laced ‘Stay Awake’ trots us along the bridal path. ‘Morning Light’ has something of a Paul Simon vibe about it, leading to the more easy listening, yet rhythmic numbers, ‘New Beginning’, ‘Lift Me From The Floor’ and ‘This Rose’.

For me to say that the best two songs are next, is of course arguable, but the anthemic Rock of ‘What Did You Say’ and hooky guitar lines of ‘This Is Real’, caught me on the first play and tick the strong song box! ‘Enjoy The Ride’, followed by ‘Road Of Death’, may not sit well together as titles when your just about to take a journey, but they do return to their lighter Folky Americana from earlier on the album.

‘Noble Ground’, once again with that Paul Simon styled lick, and the Irish violin folk influenced ‘Dreams Carry Me On’, close down this Summery long player. When all this “CV” finally dies down, we will hear the Country lanes basking in ‘Stay Awake’ plus further growth on the live circuit.

Geoff C.

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