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Stevie Nimmo


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'It would be easy when reviewing this album for me to “big it up” simply on the basis that The Stevie Nimmo Trio are headlining our Kent BluesRockFest later this year. Let’s face it for a promoter to thumbs down a new release from the main act of one of his/her promotions would effectively be musical suicide. Thankfully I won’t be searching around for nice things to say because ‘Sky Won’t Fall’ is one of the most refreshing albums I have heard in a long long while. The album has something for everyone from Rock, Blues, Country, Pop Rock and Acoustic and whatever your musical tastes you will find you yourself appreciating all the different genres due to the catchy riffs and wonderfully crafted lyrics.

The album opens with the riff laden ‘Chains of Hope’ (Sky Won’t Fall) and all I want to say about this track is “crank it up” give it plenty of head banging and air guitar – job done!!! – surely this must be the opener to every gig in 2016! The pace doesn’t slacken as ‘Roll the Dice’ Again continues the theme with more gut wrenching riffs - brilliant stuff. So the dye is cast then it’s a rock album, but no the next track ‘Change’ launches into 70’s disco funk in my eyes followed quickly by ‘Running Back To You’ which is a wonderful Bluesy experience that relates to a relationship so many of us have known. So we must be going back to Rock now but no the genre changes again as Stevie puts on his cowboy hat with ‘Walk the Thin Line’ – now I get to hear a lot of Country music on my trips to the USA and I challenge you to find a better country song than this - this needs releasing over there - end of!!!! Follow that - well Stevie pulls another rabbit out of the hat with the wonderfully soulful ‘I’ll Pray For You’.

Surely the album will run out of steam soon but no chance of that - the next two tracks ‘Still Hungry’ and ‘Gamblers Roll’ could have been taken straight off a Joe Bonamassa album and to be honest if you dropped them into one you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in quality - brilliant. To finish off as a dessert is the beautifully crafted ‘Love You More Tonight’ another country song with a Springsteen feel.

To sum up this album it is one that will be constantly on my ‘turntable’ for a long time as it has everything you could want to suit your mood. Trust me you will not be looking to skip tracks that are there to fill in because there aren’t any!!

Buy it and enjoy!


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