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Jessica Lynn


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The musical scene is completely mental as we know but it’s hard to think what some talented artists have to do to get greater recognition. If the latest single by Jessica Lynn had been released by Gloria Estafan and the Miami Sound Machine back in the day you would have heard it continually blasting out of car radios and pub jukeboxes and you would have probably tried to bust a few moves on the dance floor to it that sadly would have failed to impress anyone, no matter how much the music brought out what you thought was your best hip action.

Normally associated with rocking Country tunes Jessica Lynn has produced an absolute sizzling slice of sultry samba-tinged Latino fusion in her latest single, ‘Shame’. It’s got everything, a belting melody, catchy chorus, captivating vocals and enough rhythmic groove to make you shake some dodgy moves around the kitchen. This is a real gem.

Simon Green

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