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Graces Collide


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Graces Collide are a three piece modern Hard Rock band from the south-coast city of Brighton, with Danny Wenham on vocals/lead guitar, while twins Jurgan and Will Hamblin play bass and guitar respectively. Good to see they are flying the Rock flag amongst the Indie bands that dominate their city. Appealing to fans of the likes of Alter Bridge and Shinedown, to name a couple, the band have produced a powerful riff laden piece of work in the form of their 10 song debut album ‘Our Tomorrow’.

Opening up proceedings ‘This Hell’ drops like a plane of stormtroopers heading into battle, followed by ‘Another Sun’ featuring guest vocalist Nikki Smash from The Rocket Dolls, swaying from side to side as if you’re in a dingy on rough seas. Keeping on the tracks, but only just, ‘Ride’ motors energetically, and is said to be the prelude sample of what is to come from their follow up album later this year.

Next up is ’Fear Alone’ - the album’s ballad? Only joking! A light twenty seconds of keyboard soon gets rocked, although it’s at a lesser pace given its predecessors. ’Find Our Way’ reaches out in anthemic style and is the top tune for me from this collection - ready to face any virus thrown their way.

The album’s title track similarly has an arms to war attitude, leading us to ‘Kraken’ – a Nordic sea monster - whilst ‘Run and Hide’ beats its chest amongst a heavy riff and catchy chorus, along with complimentary lead guitar soloing, that would be my choice as the radio single.

Closing out, ‘Make Me Scream’ and ‘Come Back Down’ pounce with more anthemic riffery, ensuring that fists are finally firmly in the air to the sign of the devil! There is no mention of their GC’s drummer, so one assumes they are using guests and have a vacancy? Overall, plenty of promise, with new material and rescheduled live dates, both to look forward to later this year.

Geoff C.

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