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Danny Bryant


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Well I’ve seen Danny Bryant live three times in the last four years and look forward to his forthcoming Autumn tour which starts in London this September. Never been disappointed especially when someone like Danny knows his craft and interestingly brings this kind of Oliver Reed presence to his on stage persona. His new album ‘Means Of Escape’ hits all platforms physical and digital on Friday 20th September.

While some of the Blues Rockers of recent years are moving to a more mainstream Rock direction, Danny is sticking to his guns firing loud and proud in the two openers ‘Tired Of Trying’ and ‘Too Far Gone’. In at number three, the soon to be released single and title track ‘Means Of Escape’ which should satisfy the Blues-Rock radio guys with some hints of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ in it’s make-up.

Song of the Album for me (apart from the instrumental masterpiece at the end) is ‘Nine Lives’ hitting deep into riff country. ‘Skin And Bone’ brings a break in an acoustic form, while ‘Warning Signs’ brings us back into the heavy Blues rhythm machine.

A piano intro on the ballad ‘When The River Ends’ falls right into Gary Moore territory followed by ‘Hurting Time’ with Danny unleashing the slide guitar techniques he’s well known for.

Well the closing track ‘MYA’ is with a capital ‘E’ Epic and one for the musos! It’s a five minute instrumental, but could quite easily be double that maybe with some minimal vocal and 3 female backing singers added. Just saying-might be worth a re-visit with the follow up or with his Big Band.

Apart from Danny’s immense guitar playing and gravel style vocal, he’s also taken the reigns as producer for the first time at the Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, with the songs crossing the Atlantic to be mixed by Eddie Spear in Nashville (Rival Sons/U2) and mastered in London at Abbey Road by Sean Magee (Gary Moore/Stones).

Geoff C.

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