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Big Boy Bloater & The LiMiTs


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Big Boy Bloater and The LiMiTs released their new album 'Luxury Hobo' on Provogue/ Mascot Label Group in February and the band will be hitting the road from Sunday 8th May including a show at the iconic 100 Club in London on Sunday 15th May. With a fascination for textures and subtle narratives 'LH' sees Bloater in a tougher, deeper and more expressive mode following a bout of depression in 2013 which has led it to take a lot darker and personal tone. His Tom Waits-esque gravelly vocal delivery, coupled with the distinctive and dynamic guitar style has seen him build on the Blues foundation offering insights into rockier territories, aided and abetted with his ability to weave story-telling around barbed observations.

BBB's distorted guitar intro doesn't prepare you for what's in store with this foot-tapping 'LH' opener 'Devils Not Angels' and it's killer keys, rock n' roll guitar and BBB's distinctive gruff but great vocals. I challenge you not to rock out when your hear this live! If you haven't seen the Vid yet of 'It Came Out Of The Swamp' then do yourself a favour - check it out on Youtube it's hilarious. Musically it's another barnstormer with its brilliant baseline, awesome keyboards from Dan Edwards plus guitar and it's imaginative lyrics which BBB delivers perfectly. Wow - a definite candidate for audience participation at one of their forthcoming gig's. Anyway, could BBB&TL's keep up their momentum with track 3?

Well even it's title is a classic: 'I Love You (But I Can't Stand Your Friends)' - with The LiMiTs 70's rock n' roll style big guitar and keys whilst the Bluesy slide guitar intro of 'The Devils Tail' continues to steady things after the manic opening to the album - again with some standout groovy piano. Hand-clapping heralds the arrival of 'I Got The Feeling Someone's Watching Me' with it's tango feel rubber-stamping the musical versatility of 'Luxury Hobo'. In fact the title track 'Luxury Hobo Blues' gives a massive clue as to its direction with it's catchy neat riff and backing vocals. 'Robot Girlfriend further reinforces BBB's thoughtful lyrics intertwined with a mean BBB' Blues guitar solo but 'All Things Considered' proves that BBB also has 'Soul' in his locker - again with its soulful backing vocals. BBB&TL's - including Matt Cowley on drums and Steve Oates on bass guitar - literally pick up on the opening pace of 'LH' with the closing track 'Not Cool Man' - once again with it's awesome keys, guitar and lyrics including the line "he's a nose picker" - you can't accuse those guys of not being entertaining! Well Luxury Hobo is cool man - now a staple on my personal play list - can't wait to see them at the 100 Club!


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