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Bad Touch


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Bad Touch are a five-piece Southern Rock band from England’s Norfolk zone, and if you're looking for the British version of The Black Crowes, then look no further. Now in their tenth year as an unit, although their first album wasn’t until 2015, they are releasing ‘Kiss the Sky’ tomorrow Friday 19th June.

This is their fourth album in five years on the Marshall Record label and was recorded at the famous ‘Rockfield Studios’ in South Wales. With Nick Brine as producer at the desk, who having worked with the likes of The Darkness, Thunder and Ash, was obviously going to bring a quality sound to their thirteen-song collective.

Plenty of Southern Rock swagger and foot stomping runs right through the album from the opener ‘Come A Little Closer’ to the closing number ‘Something About Your Kiss’. An interesting choice of cover version comes in the form of ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’, originally recorded by Kiki Dee (possibly a breaker into mainstream radio). It’s the ballad ‘See You Again’ that makes for the stand out track, falling a little more mid-Atlantic, similarly with the following track, ‘Before I Die’.

Bad Touch are Steve Westwood (vocals), Daniel Seekings (guitar/vocals), Rob Glendinning (guitar), Michael Bailey (bass) and George Drewry (drums). Ex-King King keyboard maestro Bob Fridzema also stamps his mark in places. Having already built a following and a presence on the UK and European club/festival circuit over the last few years, timing of releases are now becoming gap fillers until shows re-open. People don’t forget and the break should bring a resurgence on attendances - let's raise a glass to that! That’s a good touch!

Geoff C.

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