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Joan Ov Arc


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Following their last album ‘Ride of Your Life’, the four-piece all girl band JoanovArc release their follow up on Friday 31st May with the self titled ‘JoanovArc’. An eleven song unashamed commercial Rock outing, which if I said to you, mix The Cult with Texas and The Foo Fighters, you would get an idea of the direction and influences the girls have acquired/adopted over the years.

For the lyric lover this not a collection of silly love songs, no we are dealing with the London riots of 2011, drug addiction, two-faced friends, reflection, denial, delusion and mixed emotions to name a few subject matters. The opening track ‘Burning’ for me is the top number simply on strength of the epic chorus, followed closely by ‘Down By the River’ with ‘Waiting For’ sandwiched in-between making a good opening three.

The anthemic ‘People Coming Up’ hits on the high and lows of drug taking with some clever production work mid-song to bring us up in the latter half while ‘Take It Out’ Rocks us to the middle. In at number six we drop tempo for a catchy easy listening acoustic singer-songwriter style (even Noel Gallagher influenced) number in the form of ‘When We Were Young’.

Laura Ozholl (rhythm guitar and vocals) distinctively Sharleen Spiteri style vocal is laid out on ‘Try it On’ and the recent single release ‘Jane’. Samantha Walker (bass & vocals) returns to the main vocal with the Bluesy Rocker in the form of ‘This Way’ and the more Grunge inspired ‘Slipping Away’. Closing out the album is the smooth vocal laden acoustic ‘Go Home’, a cool way to end this well crafted collection of songs.

Let’s not forget to mention the competent guitar playing of Shelley Walker riffing and soloing throughout which can only be admired along with the backbone of the outfit Deborah Wildish on drums.

Mixed and mastered by former ‘King King’ drummer Wayne Proctor, adds a polished coating to the album that will suit both mainstream as well as Rock radio. Put Friday 31st of May in your diary whatever your format ladies and gentlemen!

Geoff C.

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