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Sam Millar


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Sam Millar, best known as the guitarist from Wigan Hard Rockers Bigfoot, steps away from the band with a Soft Rock belter of an EP, ‘Holy Sass’, released at the end of last month! Without just continuing where Bigfoot left off, he’s adding diversity to his self-penned material even including some subtle electronica on the final track ‘Strangers’.

Now, some may remember press quotes a few years back that Steel Panther had been asked if they would write a serious album (obviously not), but if they did, ‘Eyes’, his opener would be the sort of track I’d expect from them in their style and it’s my fave number from this debut outing. ’Cyber Girl’ drops by next, more dreamy in its out and out AOR take, while the Rock girls will hate this quote, but I’m still going to say it anyway: “One for the ladies!”

Track 3 ‘Let Me Yet’ has a more American 90’s Rock feel about it, followed by the acoustic ballad ‘Lost In Translation’, with its cool sound on the guitar reminiscent of the Guns & Roses/Poison ballads way back and well executed for fans of that style. A promising debut!

Geoff C.

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