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Skinny Molly


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Take a huge chunk of Lynyrd Skynyrd, a slice of Blackfoot and a sprinkling of Grand Ole Opry - and what have you got? You have Tennessee band Skinny Molly, here with a new CD released late last year. 'Hear for a good time' is a mixture of older Mike Estes songs along with some brand new tunes.

As soon as you hear the opening riff to the title track you are pulled in for a ride of the best Southern rock and country, and these lads have just got better and better. Formed in 2004 just for a one off UK tour, this has now grown into a major undertaking with regular visits to UK, Germany, France, Spain as well as a growing fanbase in the US.

It's good to hear some of Mike's older songs given a makeover...'When the Going gets Tough, the Tough go Fishing' is just one that rocks along while the sheer beauty of 'Dust it Off' really relaxes and is more rocky than the acoustic original. I did mention a huge chunk of Lynyrd Skynyrd, not only was Mike a member, 2 songs here are co-written by surviving members. 'Snakebit' was co written by Gary Rossington and was originally on Mikes CD with 'Brave new South', while 'Make it Easy' is a new tune co-written with Ed King, who also plays on the track and is the first thing he has recorded in a while, so we are really honoured to hear this.

For me, the best track on the CD is 'Ride'...light and shade at it's best, play this one loud. Ending of with a fun track called 'Girls like you' this really is a quality CD. Mike's lyrics can lift you, inspire you, make you laugh, make you thoughtful - but best of all, they stay with you.

You can catch Skinny Molly on tour in the UK during January .... but this wrinkly will be at Swansea and maybe even Evesham .... you will be able to get the CD from all gigs. Look forward to seeing you there.

Andy Towell

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