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GT's Boos Band


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Hailing from Scotland the GT's Boos Band are a Blues-based Rock n’ Roll band led by guitarist John Boos and lead vocalist Greig Taylor. The band are born out of an acoustic duo six years ago in October 2010, when self-taught Blues guitarist John Boos approached singer GT about hooking up for an acoustic jam. After two years touring the circuit as an acoustic duo, and building a significant local following in the process, they together devised the idea of the GT’s Boos Band electric project. Singer GT himself remarked, “I am not an out and out Blues singer by any stretch but more of a Rock/Soul vocalist if truth be told. But with this band through our Blues influenced music I am able to tell some of my own significant story through my performance and my lyrics. It is often remarked to me how much I put in to each performance; the passion, the feeling. For me it has to be that way to tell my story. Every time. That’s my Blues. I’ve been down there, I’ve been in prison and I’ve experienced tremendous lows so I think I’m pretty qualified to sing my Blues!”

I listened to the Album before I researched the band history and from my notes I commented on the eclectic nature of the songs and the gritty heartfelt nature of the vocals and it is clear to me now after reading the above how and why those qualities stand out.

As suggested the first five tracks are all completely different in nature. ‘Seven Questions’ opens the album with its in your face road Blues with excellent guitar breaks which then leads into ‘High and Dry’ with it’s choppy, funky guitar licks and heartfelt vocals. Next up is ‘Amsterdam’ which is probably my favourite track on the album with a 70’s Prog feel – the song has lots of different moods and the guitar solos are very reminiscent of our old friend Tony Hands from Tea for the Wicked – great stuff!! Follow that with a traditional Blues offering ‘Baby Stop Your Crying’ and a wonderful acoustic track in ‘Walk My Path’ and you have the eclectic full house – ‘Walk My Path’ has a very Joe Bonamassa feel to it as heard on ‘Black Rock’.

The rest of the album revisits the above genres and the pick is probably a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Cold Turkey’. Add to that a couple of numbers that could well be crowd pleasing closers especially ‘Howl for the Lover’ and you have an album that has plenty to offer for those that like variety and not a one-dimensional theme. This is an album to be proud of and will certainly increase the profile of the band which is well deserved.

Col (aka Wrinkly)

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