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Vega are a 6-piece British Rock band formed back in 2009 featuring Nick Workman (vocals), Martin Hutchinson (drums), Marcus Thurston (guitar), Michael Kew (guitar), Tom Martin (bass) and James Martin (keyboards). ’Grit Your Teeth’ is the band’s sixth album that blends a mix of dark and light within their brand of AOR/Melodic Rock, and is available to pre-order now, with a release date set for Friday 12thJune via Frontiers Records.

My usual comparison check from the originals of this genre was tough as the production of this album by the ‘Graves Brothers’ is very much up-to-date, hence elements of the likes of Def Leppard, Mr.Big & Reo Speedwagon circa 1980/90 were the closest I could call on. Regular appearances at the HRH indoor festivals, plus major support slots with Magnum and Dan Reed Network has started building the Vega brand, so let's see what they have on offer.

Hitting the disc – on first play it rocks all the way, right through to final track #11, with both track #4 and #8 immediate in their impact. OK, opening up, ‘Blind’ motors along, with its catchy chorus line, to their latest single ‘(I Don’t Need) Perfection’, which has a definite touch of sleaze about it, one that a pole dancer could well embrace in their routine!

Their first single and title track drops in next, comfortably firing itself into AOR heaven, plus I must also mention the brilliant album cover with a croc on the front, although a certain social media site beginning with ‘F’ now keeps delivering me these creatures devouring their prey!

’Man On A Mission’, the first of the stand out numbers on this collection, with its clever vocal mix, should easily be making its way on to Rock radio playlists, whilst ’Don’t Fool Yourself’ riffs itself away through to the more mainstream radio friendly keyboard enhanced ‘Consequence Of The Heart’.

A sequenced guitar build up leads into ‘This One’s For You’, then on to, for mine, the other stand out song, that comes in the form of ‘Battles Ain’t No War’. In a more down tempo mode, it shows the excellent depth in the band’s song writing and has the feel of a film score about it! ‘Save Me From Myself’ picks up the pace again, as does ‘How We Live’ and closing track ‘Done With Me’.

So, buckle up and hold tight, Vega are back with the album of their career, that not only will take you to screaming highs and gritty lows, but it’ll also keep you coming back for more.

Geoff C.

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