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Geoff Tyson


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‘Drinks with Infinity’, due to be released on Friday 31st July, is the latest offering from the Prague based American guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Geoff Tyson.

Geoff is a graduate and former mentee of the master of guitar based instrumental music ….Joe Satriani… which puts Geoff in exalted company, with household names such as Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett, Andy Timmons; so I was primed for some six string competence before listening to a single note. Geoff started his musical journey at a tender age learning classical piano, so it is no surprise that he covers guitar, bass and keys on this self-produced album. Drums are effortlessly taken care of by the clearly talented local drummer Eduard Štěpánek.

The 10-track album kicks off with up-tempo opener - ‘Six Weeks Of Tina’ – this track immediately displaying a bit of Satriani type virtuosity and displaying some obvious 6-string dexterity. The sound is open and airy and has a hint of very up to date modern music production, no doubt hinting at Geoff’s currency with the modern music scene. The guitars are, untypically intentionally a little raw sounding, which works well here. All in a very catchy and promising start.

Next up is the amusingly titled ‘Shag’, a really nice heavily sequenced track, with a great mix of keys, dance rhythms, and a slightly ‘Bonamassa’ type vibe to the thicker sounding guitars, particularly in the songs end section.

‘Strawberry Napalm’ follows, featuring some stunning guitar work, Geoff displays some very tasteful technique and note choices throughout…. set against another backdrop of very contemporary synth and rhythms.

‘Like Life Is Set In Stone’ would make a great film sound track… there is a lot going on here and some lovely haunting note sequences with some restrained and tasteful lingering guitar melodies and some nice atmospheric touches throughout.

‘Bark’ is a complex and flighty song… with some lovely jarring chords and fluid lead lines interspersed with driving bass and an adventurous, playful arrangement… all very good and instant fun.

The tempo drops for ‘Asabara’, a very nice lingering piece with some lovely layered production; although things picks up again for ‘Monkey Love’, another great display of tasteful guitars and we even get some nice harmony human voices, a lot more going on here the more you listen to this music.

‘Freckle’ has another contemporary sequenced dance vibe going on behind the lead guitar melodies.

As the title suggests, ‘Are You With Me?’ has a question an answer theme, with Geoff employing his guitar skills to enjoy an uplifting conversation with himself.

The album closer ‘Liquid Kitty’ again crosses that contemporary dance club feel with harmonised guitar weaving a slightly exotic melody in and out of the rhythms.

For fans of grown up guitar based instrumental music this album is a must. Geoff has managed to apply his extraordinary guitar playing talent in a tasteful, playful and intelligent way, creating something bang up to date, with great production and complex enough to warrant repeated listening. You may well get pleasantly lost in this work.


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