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Well if you’re tired of life and want to go to AOR heaven then purchase these guys self-titled album on Friday 21st February next year and you won’t be disappointed.

The nine-track offering is full of strong song content switching back and forth from our mainland to the other side of the Atlantic.

The album kicks off with personal fave ‘Mr Big Shot’ with the tubthumping chorus line dropping nicely into the anthem pumping ‘Promiseland’.

The two commercial radio friendly tracks ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Midnight Queen’ sit nicely together at number 5 & 6, both of which have been championed by Planet Rock and HRH radio stations.

It’s track number 7, ’Get Back To You’ and number 9, ’About This Boy’ that really cross the sea to Nashville with their Country Rock Americana leanings.

Well, while the ‘Rival Sons’ successfully sell us a Led Zep/Bad Co. rejuvenation, possibly the ‘Lats’ could sell the USA a new ‘Jovi/Halen’?

The record is a credit to the work and the many miles up and down UK motorways that singer Angelo Tristan, guitarist Todd Winger, bassist Jack Bentley-Smith and drummer Ben Atkinson have put in recently, captured uniquely by producer Sean M. Kenny.

If there is a criticism it’s dropping the ‘F’ word in the lyrics (assuming it’s there to give it some effin’ edge?) but in my opinion it doesn’t suit the genre, the fan base or the product!

This still feels like a beginning and a promising one. Things take time and building on this record will no doubt take Collateral forward.

Geoff C.

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