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Enuff Z’Nuff


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The show must go on, and now in 2020, with Chip Z’Nuff as the only remaining original member of Enuff Z’Nuff, he is single-handedly keeping the boat afloat. Enuff Z’Nuff now feature Chip on bass/vocals, joined by Alex Kane (guitars), Tory Stoffregen (guitars) and Dan Hill (drums). The names don’t stop there though as the extensive guest list is full. The band originally formed back in 1984 in Chicago, Illinois, blended Power Pop with Hard Rock, and have kept to their roots ever since, while adding some elements of Psychedelia on their latest release, ‘Brainwashed Generation’.

‘The Gospel’, a piano/organ piece of 39 seconds by Joel Norman (Isaac & Joel) opens the church doors to the light, Melodic Pop/Rock of ‘Fatal Distraction'. Indeed, the name drops for the second track, come in the form of Steve Ramone (guitar) and Daxx Neilson (drums) from Cheap Trick. 'I Got My Money Where My Mouth Is’ the AOR radio big-hitter on this ten-song collective. Love the multi-layered backing vocals on this - great work Mr. Producer!

‘Help I’m in Hell’ and ‘It's All In Vain’ both fall into that dreamy ELO sound and Psychedelic arena, with guest drummer, the one and only Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater/Winery Dogs), featuring his Ringo Starr replica tama drum kit. ‘Strangers in My Head’ sees the return of original vocalist/guitarist Donnie Vie which comes a close second, just behind the aforementioned ‘I Got My Money Where My Mouth is’ on my AOR listings.

The gears are stepped up swiftly on ‘Drugland Weekend’, with some rocking lead guitar licks from former Kiss man ‘Ace Frehley’, whilst ‘Broken Love’ sees the last of the impressive guest list, which features Brian Ray, a regular in the Paul McCartney Band. This dreamy Rock tune leads us to play out with ‘Go’ and ‘Winding Road’, both in true Enuff Z’Nuff mid-pace Melodic Rock style. Not a bad apple in the bunch, the fanbase will be more than happy, the proof is in the pudding and as Mr. Dio once hailed to Mr. Blackmore - "Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll".

Geoff C.

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