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Jack J Hutchinson


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Since Jack’s previous album was released, one established rhythm section (Laz Michaelides & Felipe Amorim) has left the building and another fine one (Charlie Rachael Kay & Phil Wilson) has arrived, yet neither team appears on ‘Battles’! Producer and co-writer of all the songs, Josiah J. Manning, handles the bass duties, with Billy Hammett on drums.

By all accounts Jack and Josiah set out to co-write one song, but were so pleased with the results of their labours that they kept going. We should be grateful that they did because they’ve produced (quite literally in Josiah’s case) a fine album, which will, I’m sure, please Jack’s existing fans and gain him many more.

Although the opening, ‘Constellations’, may be the heaviest sounding track overall, thereby providing a natural link with Jack’s more recent releases, it’s also more radio friendly than has previously been the case. This is true of the overall feel of the album, which contains several potential singles. One reason for this may be the new writing partnership with Josiah, but another is Jack’s decision to sing in a range which suits his voice more naturally; nothing here sounds in any way forced.

There’s no harm at all in letting your influences show either; a bit of Zakk Wylde will always drop into one of Jack’s guitar solos (try ‘Rip It Up’), while to these ears there are definite signs in ‘Days Are Gone’s vocals of Jack’s love for Oasis. Elsewhere some of the unison and backing vocals may have occasional shades of The Eagles (and look how many records they sold!). Manning’s deep bass (check out ‘Road To Hell’ especially) and Hammett’s propulsive drumming, fit together hand in glove, which is unsurprising, given that they are the regular rhythm team for the Kris Barras Band.

There’s a bit more light and shade in ‘Battles’ than I was expecting (the closing ‘Stay With Me’ is a Rock ballad, for example) and it may be Jack’s best work since ‘Paint No Fiction’ (2017). Don’t take my word for it, though; buy it and try it!

Gary Smith

Constellations; Days Are Gone; Bullets; Road To Hell; Running On Empty; Rip It Up; Love Is The Law; Don’t Let The Fuckers Get You Down; Overdrive; Stay With Me.

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