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Everyday Heroes


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Having just watched an interesting documentary on the Allman Brothers and the birth of Southern Rock, it was with added interest that I got to review a band with the aforementioned influences. Everyday Heroes, at first sight, you could be thinking Rag & Bone Man had joined a Rock band, but that’s where the comparison ends, as lead singer/lead guitar man Luke Philips is more Chad Kroeger than our English south-coast Soul man.

Everyday Heroes, hailing from South Wales, a healthy breeding ground for the new Hard Rock/Southern Rock genre, have shared the stage with the big boys, a la Thunder, The Darkness and The Answer, to name a few, at the Steelhouse and HRH festivals.

To the album! Recorded and produced at Boneyard Studio, Neath, by Andrew Francis and Phil Humphreys, ‘A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow’ drops in with 11 songs, and will be available on Friday 5thJune.

The opener ‘Texas Red’ and ‘Find My Way’ are probably nearest to the old style Southern Rock of this collection, the latter turning out to be my favourite with its ZZ Top groove running shot gun throughout. The band then switch it up more Hard Rock style with ‘Standing Stones’ and the riff endowed ‘The Witches King’.

The probable radio track ‘Soul to Save’ is a cleverly arranged number with a catchy chorus which should satisfy the more mainstream DJ’s. ’Victorious’ comes over all Mutt Lange production style with the sort of Def Leppard backing vocals across an array of guitar riffamania he became known for. ‘All Outta Faith’ fits in at No.7, dare I say kind of Bon Jovi American stadium Rock, which breaks us down to a Rock ballad in the form of the ‘The Crow’.

The guitar laden ’Breathe Again’ is that kind of festival Rock track you toast with your beer in the mid-Summer sun - should we be allowed out this Summer to see one! ‘West Of Forever’, an anthemic rocker, rolls us down the tracks with an interesting burst of a trumpet, to the final song ‘Without A Throne’, down-tempo, with an excellent vocal delivery from Mr. Philips, not forgetting a massive contribution overall from Daniel Richards - rhythm guitar/backing vocals, Jay Haines - drums/backing vocals and Lewis Watkins - bass guitar.

There is also a storyline running through the album, which I’m sure the band would not only supply to the lyric fanatic through their website but it’s also a good source regarding future must-see tour dates given the current dreaded lockdown.

Geoff C.

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