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While the ‘Classic Rock’ genre has been re-energised in recent years by its original generation, an under-current of new younger bands are beginning to tread the boards. Among them now are Kent’s four piece rockers ‘Collateral’.

Originally under the ‘Angelo Tristan Band’ with Angelo on vocals/guitar along with bass player Jack Bentley-Smith, some five years ago the band signed with East Kent’s Roulette Records. They re-branded the band name and brought in the more than competent lead guitar player Todd Winger and Ben Atkinson on drums.

The debut offering definitely brings promise of things to come with many of their major influences cutting through from the likes of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and from what I've seen of them live, some rock poses à la

The Darkness.

The ‘4 Shots’ EP kicks off with the solid ‘Going With The Wind’ cool guitar riffs, mixed nicely under the vocal lines and strong melody. Second up, the AOR tinged ‘Angels Crying’, with hints of Nashville’s new Country-Rock acts which could see the cigarette lighter being raised on this one. In at number three ‘Just Waiting For You’ - one that I would cast as the best song of the four. Very well arranged and the hooks vocal and musically in all the right places! Last of the four shots ‘Midnight Queen’ - quiet easily the commercial radio single with its outright catchy chorus lines.

Well produced by Sean Kenny at Ten21 Studios the future looks bright - they may want to wear shades or would that hide the guy-liner?

Geoff C.

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