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Born Healer


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Born Healer's 'Til The Dawn was bought on recommendation of a friend, so I started to listen with an open mind and oh boy what a cracker. It begins with 'Pressure Valve', a song which sets the scene for the album, from the opening drums the journey that you get carried away on by stupendous guitar work and accompanied with haunting vocals, that are reminiscent of an early Elkie Brooks, leaves you wanting for more.

'TTD' is a roller coaster ride of music that takes you from a simply hypnotic 'Leaving Trunk', which leads to a much slower title track with some intricate guitar work, combined with a captivating voice that just bursts to life drawing the listener on a magical journey. 'River' has got so many echoes of the past, that when you think you know where they came from you are moved on to another place. 'Trust Yourself' drags you unknowingly into a great foot stomping romp with some great bass pushing you along, while you play air guitar and then it ends. Should be at least 10 minutes long!

'A Million Miles Away' is a track that you can just put your head back close your eyes and your off to another dimension. 'Brand New Day is such a tight song with all the band excelling in their chosen paths - it would be hard to put a sheet of paper between them. 'Share The Ride' with its great vocals and guitar work is truly from the heart. "Healing Hand' is as hard paced great working stonker of a song which is worthy of being played at full volume, just so the neighbours know how good this band is.

'Never Gone' is a perfect example of how gentle they can treat a song just smooth as polished glass. 'Since I’ve Been Lovin' You is a showcase of how to bring the listener back to earth from the journey they have just been on. All in all an album that deserves to be played on repeat till it's worn out!

Stuart Broderick

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