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Tysso Prp-300 DriverTriathletes Gather to Lift Spirits On Saturday, Sept. 26, and Sunday, Sept. 27, the inaugural Broome County Meet was held at the Holiday Inn at Binghamton University. The two-day event, hosted by the Broome County Board of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services and sponsored by City of Binghamton Parks and Recreation, included a triathlon, a 1.5-mile and a 3-mile run/walk, a 5K run/walk and a unique swim challenge. On Saturday, more than 200 triathletes showed up for the triathlon, which was held in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn and bordered by Mosholu Avenue, West Genesee Boulevard and Broome Parkway. “We are going to continue to keep this event going,” Mayor Stan Graziani said. “And we encourage people from the area to come to this event. The more the merrier.” Michael Buonincontra, the triathlon coordinator, said participants started lining up at the Holiday Inn at 9 a.m. and the parking lot was full by 9:30. Of the 200 participants, nearly half were New York triathletes. “There are definitely Tri-Rail riders from Binghamton and Poughkeepsie,” Buonincontra said. “I would say there are maybe 40 from upstate in upstate triathletes.” He said many triathletes came in to take advantage of the flat courses. This was a good course for short distances. “For a 3K it is a good course,” he said. “It is a mix of well-manicured lawn and asphalt. You have a mix and the temperature, the weather, the flat course, the forest and the club all combine to make it an ideal course for a triathlon.” Ned Martin, who lived in the Binghamton area for about 40 years, participated in the triathlon and said he was surprised that the course was the same length as the swim portion of a triathlon. He said he had participated in triathlons in the past. “I thought it was longer,” Martin said. “The quarter mile was a little out of shape. I could not run that far.”

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Tysso Prp-300 Driver BETTER

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