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Zumbi Ahead Of Time 8/7/21

Living in Los Angeles, Dimitri Craven, Jerry and Jason started a band together named Zumbi, and after signing with New Dream Records in April, they have released their new R&B meets Rock type style album, 'Ahead Of Time', of which the single, 'Desert Flower', is today's Video Of The Day. Complementing the band's genre, the influence and their love of trip-hop/electronic, alternative and downtempo music, happened at a time when electronic music had just started to hit the scene and was becoming really popular in all the hottest clubs. Indeed, with plans to tour, the band certainly don't pull any punches in their subject matter, with the single inspired by the book of the same name by Waris Dirie, about female genital mutilation in Africa, plus the tracks 'Go Deep', 'Make You Think', 'Follow The Leader' and '25 Fires', each addressing no communication, prostitution, politics and 90's southern black church fires, respectively.

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