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Zach's Solicitor 10/5/20

On today's Track Of The Day, Solicitor joins The Zach Moonshine Show to talk about their new record 'Spectral Devastation', the lack of tours due to Covid-19 and much more. This episode also features new music from The Rite, Abysmal Dawn, The Scum, BPMD, Last Train to Juarez, Cadaver, Whitechapel, Post Mortal Possession, Book Of The Dead (Visceral Disgorge, Whisteria Cottage), Funeral Leech, Creeping Death, Gutgrinder, Instigator, Bones (Belgium), Tyrant (U.S.), The Hÿss, Welicoruss, battle of the bands winner's District 13 and a classic from Pelvic Meatloaf.