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You Got This CDMC 19/12/18

Phil and Tommy Goodwin, aka Cellar Door Moon Crow (CDMC) are bringing their unique Urban Rock flavour to the masses next year. Hailing from Sheffield, CDMC release their debut album 'You Got This' on Friday 5th April and to coincide with this, CDMC will play a special showcase gig in London at The Black Heart, Camden on Wednesday 23rd January. Featuring heavy beats with sick guitar and distorted vocals fused with a swirling organ and ivory keys, they mash it up, using pre-1970's Led Zeppelin-esque analogue flavours with a big slap of 1980’s Hip Hop Dr Dre style production. The 14 song strong beast of a release unravels the journey and evolution that has defined the Goodwin brothers as pioneers of their very own identifiable flamboyant sound. Check out today's Video Of The Day 'Forgiveness'.

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