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Yoth Iria Interview 15/10/20

Yoth Iria joins today's Zach Moonshine Show Track Of The Day show to talk about the bands origins and play a snippet from their new record. Zach also take questions from his live audience, plus there's some classics from Behemoth and Watain, and there's also new music from Vessel of Light, Satan’s Host, Carcass, Citizen Rage, Cynabare Urne, Sarcator, Behind The Horror, YOB, Nuclear Power Trio, Occult Burial, Opium Warlords, Empyrean Fire, Dark Psychosis, Enslaved, Hypervolume, Ingridi Verardo, Perceived, Prodigium, Possessed Steel, Vocaldrop, Tension Rising, Ravenlight, Empress, Gryftigæn, Helstar, Mongrel's Cross, Honey Badger, Imperishable, Insidious Disease, Iron Angel and Andrex Montenegro.


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