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Yes I Am 5/10/20

Following their eponymously named debut album in 2019, mysterious Art Punk Rockers, The Imbeciles, return on Friday 30th October with a new self-released six-track EP entitled ‘Dissolution Sessions’, that features a new band line-up, a different sound plus today's Track Of The Day, 'Yes I Am', which gives you a taste of the new EP. It's a Foo Fighters/STP/Stooges-style Garage Punk banger, but played on Imbeciles terms - with the video intro tackling the bands recent line-up changes before one note leads and guitar scrapes, with off-beat stabs and a Pop Punk drum track that pulls the whole together. The band had originally gone into the studio earlier this year to record a radio session for BBC R6, but that ended up being cancelled because of the pandemic. The result is three new songs and three new editions of tracks that first appeared on the album. In January, they start recording the follow-up with Youth from Killing Joke which promises to be sonically eventful!


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