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Wrinklystock 7 Countdown 10/9/18

With half the tickets already sold and just under three months to go - just a polite reminder that this year’s Wrinklystock 7 takes place at the Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford, on Friday 7th December at 7.30pm and stars The Kast off Kinks, featuring three former members of the legendary band The Kinks! With support once again from Wrinklystock legends The Replicants, The Kast off Kinks are back together playing great music and re-living the good times whilst keeping the songs alive that made The Kinks a household name - featuring Mick Avory (original drummer on all the classic hits from 1964-84), Ian Gibbons (keyboards/vocals, Kinks 80’s & 90’s and still with Sir Ray Davies), John Dalton (bass/vocals, Kinks 60’s & 70’s) alongside Dave Clarke (guitar/vocals, formerly of the Beach Boys, Noel Redding & Tim Rose). Expect an evening of iconic hits including: 'You Really Got Me', 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion', 'Sunny Afternoon', 'Lola', 'Days', 'Waterloo Sunset', 'Come Dancing', 'All Day and All of the Night' plus more... A great night out, not to be missed! Tickets priced £23 can be purchased online here or from the MJC Box Office on 01322 291100.

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