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WoR Prisoners 5/8/20

North Carolina’s Groove Metal outfit WoR is gearing up to release their debut album 'Prisoners' this Friday 7th August via Bungalo Records/Universal, of which their first single, 'Predator', is today's Track Of The Day. Throwing in elements of Thrash, Metalcore and even Hardcore Punk, everyone in the band has taken a different musical path and the variety of influences shows through in the unique and original sound. It’s a little bit Melodic and a little bit Old School, but completely energetic, and promises to be an extreme journey from start to finish, a Metal album through and through. Consisting of Bobby Demoss – vocals, Ben Kaiser – guitar, David Nisoff - guitar, Phillip Funderburk – guitar and Hunter Crews – drums, there are no clean guitars on the whole album, just heavy and groovy riffs. Indeed, there is something for Metal fans from the entire spectrum to enjoy, especially those who like Pantera, Lamb of God and Machine Head.

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