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Wood Brothers Muse 19/12/20

To celebrate the release next year on Honey Jar Records, on Friday 5th March, of a double-LP vinyl reissue of their modern classic, 'The Muse', The Wood Brothers have premiered a performance of the album in its entirety, which is today’s Video Of The Day. Originally issued on 1st October 2013 via Zac Brown's Southern Ground label, the 11-track collection was produced by Nashville music legend Buddy Miller and contains many of The Wood Brothers most celebrated songs that remain staples of their live performances to this day, including 'Wastin' My Mind', 'Sing About It', 'Neon Tombstone', 'Keep Me Around' and 'I Got Loaded'. An initial vinyl pressing of ‘The Muse’ sold out years ago and has been in high demand by The Wood Brothers' fanbase ever since.


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