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Wishbone/Rabin Academy Tonight 18/10/18

"Their trademark duelling guitar harmonies on 'Eyes Wide Open' belied the fact that this rocking instrumental featuring Powell on his V guitar was taken from an even later album - Clan Destiny in 2006 - real testament to Ash's historical musical influences on bands such as Thin Lizzy, as was the even more recent 'Way Down South' showcasing both Abrahams and Skeat solos on this tune with its Dire Straits feel from 2014's 'Blue Horizon'. Time now for the big hitters as Powell introduced the "A" word, namely the aforementioned 'Argus'. Spontaneous hand clapping complemented Powell's opening guitar on 'The King Will Come', with Abrahams wah guitar solo getting deserved applause before Skeats bass lead into its duelling guitar/vocals finale, before the smiling James Whale lookalike Powell and Abrahams both launched into guitar solos on another 'Argus' classic 'Warrior'." That was part of our take on Wishbone Ash last October at London's O2 Academy Islington, and almost exactly a year ago to the day they return to the same venue tonight supported by the superb Felix Rabin (pictured).

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