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Wille & The Bandits Reschedule UK Tour 15/4/20

Wille & The Bandits have rescheduled the rest of their UK tour later to July through to November this year including London's 100 Club on Tuesday 22nd September. Wille's band also has a brand-new line up, moving from a trio to a four piece with Finn McAuley (drums, percussion), Harry Mackaill (bass, ukulele, vocals) and Matthew Gallagher (keyboards, guitars, percussion, vocals). All three are impressive musicians who have honed their craft with dedication and have been selected for their enthusiasms and songwriting sensibilities. Special guest on the tour will be Troy Redfern and the band will mainly be touring their latest album 'Paths'. While the UK is on lockdown, Wille has set himself the goal of writing a song a week, so check out the band's Facebook page here each Sunday during “Wille's Sunday Sounds”.


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