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Wild World 30/3/20

Not only will multi-platinum singer/songwriter Kip Moore release his highly-anticipated fourth studio album, 'Wild World', on Friday 29th May, but Moore also gave his notably loyal fan-following a taste of what to expect, recently performing 'Magic' for Minnesota Country Station K102, in quarantine, which is today's Vdeo Of The Day. Co-writing all but one of 'Wild World's’ insightful thirteen-song tracks, in deeply personal terms, Kip even self-produced the set, with help from David Garcia, Luke Dickand Blair Daly on respective tracks. The weathered heartland-Rock sound Moore has embraced on previous efforts gets its emotional volume pumped up, recorded live with a full band, as substance takes precedence over style and the timeless prevails over the trendy. Moore admits the results include a few quirks – but that just gives 'Wild World' the character he values so much.

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