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Wild Ones Never Die 22/1/23

If you enjoy raw Bluesy vocals, hard as oak, but as smooth as mahogany, with music poured into a melting pot of Southern English Rock swamp balladry, then Junkyard Choir's new album, 'Wild Ones Never Die', due to be released on Friday 24th February, is definitely for you, as evidenced by their first single and today's Video Of The Day of 'I'll Be Gone'. The band released their debut 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' in 2015 and the follow up, 'Trouble In Mind' (2018) as a Bluesy Rock duo, eventually becoming a six-piece last year, featuring Mark Woods' gravelly voice plus his troupe of musicians, who, fuelled by red wine, ended up burning the midnight oil, recording the new album in a dingy little studio in Croydon!

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