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Wild Fire Country 27/3/21

On today's latest Simply Country Podcast Of The Day there's music from Biddy Ronelle, Stacey Z, Peggy Kinsmen, Parmalee, Emilia Quinn, Wild Fire (pictured), Andrew Farriss, Aaron Bozwell, Noel Balfour & The Chris Saxton Band, Adam James, Crandall Creek, Shakira Lea, Alex Krupa, Lindsay Ell, Dick Damron, Olivia Lane, MacKenzie Porter, Killing Kenny, Lorraine McDonald, Track 45, Donna Carroll, Lake Country,Kim Thompson, Michael Jay Cresswell, Rae Sam, Becky Lawrence, Thopper, Jesse Chavez, Cara McGillion, Kameron Marlowe, Shelly Jones Band, Matt Stell and Brian McKell.