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Wig Wam Bam 28/12/20

The recently reunited Norwegian Hard Rockers Wig Wam are back next year with ‘Never Say Die’, due to be released on Friday 22nd January, of which 'Kilimanjaro' is today's Video Of The Day. It's their first album since 2012 and an exciting record that showcases all the elements that have helped the band forge their reputation: driving energy, unstoppable force and never ending fun! The most complete sounding effort yet by the quartet, its twelve fresh sounding songs still wear loud guitars on their sleeves while showcasing a more mature approach. The catchy hooklines and Melodic Hard Rock anthems they are renowned for are still very much in evidence, and, with three gifted songwriters in the camp, the album shines, tweaks and pounds just the way a full blooded Rock 'n' Roll record should. Wig Wam is back and ready to take its listeners on a wild ride.


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