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Whole Lotta Rosalie Tonight 2/12/20

"For the encore we were treated to the vivacious and tumultuous maelstrom that is 'Tragic Catastrophe', an exuberant and melodramatic song from Purson's excellent 2013 debut album 'The Circle & The Blue Door'. A multifaceted panoramic Psychedelic musical cabaret trip to a mythical and magical world full of juxtaposing twists and turns! Indeed, a fantastic conclusion to a brilliant set of quality tunes and first-rate musicianship." That was part of our take when we last saw Rosalie Cunningham at London's Lexington in August last year, and believe it or not, as we exit Lockdown and London enters tier 2, Rosalie plays the first of two sold out socially distanced gigs at The New Cross Inn tonight, supported by The Higher Planes and Gianni Scalera.


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