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Who's Out There? 19/11/20

Today's Video Of The Day is the new single, 'Who's Out There?', from the West Wickhams, who are not only a Psychedelique Garage Noir deux-piece, but also an imagined rival gang to Punk style icons the Bromley Contingent! A tribute to Sci-Fi B Movies, the duo also include Whitby Abbey, Pipe Organs, Flowers, Polka Dot Cats, Dark Punk, Gothic Novels, Rock 'n' Roll Autobiographies, Castles, Abstract Painting, Euphoria, Mist, Autumn, Halloween, Optical Illusions, Edgar Allan Poe and Andy Warhol, among others, as their influences! Jon Othello and Elle Flores are originally from the Isles of Scilly's Tresco, the famous island of lost souls that's home to subtropical plants and shipwrecked figureheads, but they both recently relocated to Richmond, Surrey!


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