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White Feather Shortlisted 25/9/19

Cormac Neeson's stunning debut solo album ‘White Feather’ has been nominated and is on the short list for the prestigious NI Music Prize 2019 Album of The Year. Released earlier this year, the album has propelled the lead singer of Irish Rock band The Answer into the life affirming world of the singer/songwriter with a series of beautifully crafted, introspective songs that draw on a recent past that has served up its fair share of challenges and heartache. The NI music Prize, now in it’s sixth year, celebrates the pinnacle of Northern Irish music and nominees are shortlisted by people from across all areas of the music industry – media, live music, retail, promoters and others from elsewhere in the arts. This is a huge achievement for Neeson, as not only is it his solo debut, but he’s stepping away from the more familiar Rock arena and entering new territory with this sound that embraces American Blues and Soul. A phenomenal effort from this exceptionally talent singer songwriter.

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