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Where We Belong 3/8/20

In these unfortunate and strange times, it was good to hear that not only is the Jamie Porter Band still going strong, but that they have just dropped their latest single and today's Track Of The Day, 'Where We Belong', on all good digital platforms. Featuring Danny Porter on bass/vocals and Jamie on all other instruments, 'Where We Belong' is about the music community and a sense of belonging, and even if you don’t feel part of a community yourself, music can make you feel like you are part of one, whether it is a community group or style of music, following the same band or united by a song. It gives a sense of identity and common ground. That feeling of standing in a crowd singing at the top of your voice with hundreds of others to a favourite song by a live band, it lifts you and releases you from your lonely place lifting you up high. You can't argue with that!