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When Rivers Meet CD Review 6/11/20

"Shaken, not stirred. Well, the husband-and-wife team of Grace and Arron Bond have just done that by breaking into the Planet Rock radio playlist. It’s no easy feat for an independent act to break into a station that goes for a certain type of sound that is dominated by the 70’s/80’s heavyweights such as the likes of Deep Purple or Bon Jovi. Their recently released toe tapper of a single, ‘Battleground’, is the song pulling the punches.”

Today read the first of our Lockdown #2 album reviews, as Geoff C. gives you his take here on When Rivers Meet's debut 'We Fly Free', that's due to be released on Friday 20th November via One Road Records, of which 'Battleground' is today's Video Of The Day.

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