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What's It Like To Be A Girl! 26/6/23

Touring throughout the year to promote their brand-new forthcoming genre defining album, ‘Duende A Go Go Loco', that's due out via Earache Records on Friday 3rd November, last Friday "The World's Greatest Flamenco Punk Glam Rock band Ever!", Gypsy Pistoleros, released their new anthemic single, and today's Video Of The Day, ‘What's it like to be a Girl!’, a 70's Glamtastic Romp where Marc Bolan and The Sweet meet Phoenix Nights concluding with a B-Movie Horrortastic twist! Still something utterly unique and interesting in today’s predictable musical landscape, their songs span madly in the best Rock 'n' Roll tradition, with big hooks, attitude and sleaze, as the band's latest masterpiece brings together all facets of this unique mongrel offspring.

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