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What I Need 13/10/18

No stranger to the music industry, Ruen is the artistic project of Rhiannon Mair who has spent her working life as a producer songwriter for some of the UK’s strongest new Indie talent. Working with the likes of Laura Marling, Bryde, Emma McGrath, DIDI and Kimberly Anne, has cemented her as a tour de force of production and engineering in the UK. Now focusing on her own project, Ruen is now launching her second single 'What I Need' (today's Track Of The Day) following on from 'Bad Behaviour', which was an emphatic and emotive statement of intent, for a gritty and immensely talented musician. 'What I Need' is a similarly sultry, Indie-Rock anthem with an excess of attitude. Lyrically, the track explores lust and passion with an irresistible, raw production that’s bound to appeal to your devilish side!

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