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West Coast Frontiers Rock! 12/1/24

Having debuted in 2021 with The Grandmaster's explosive ‘Skywards’, a collaboration between German guitarist Jens Ludwig (Edguy) and Brazilian singer Nando Fernandes, stellar Danish Hard Rock powerhouse vocalist Peer Johansson (Fate) signs on for today's dynamic and captivating follow-up, 'Black Sun', with its infectious grooves again showing off Ludwig's prowess via a series of rhythmic riffs and captivating solos, that sees in 2024 with a massive Metallic bang, such as 'Watching The End', one of today's six of the best 'West Coast Frontiers Rock!' Tracks Of The Day, complemented by three other tracks taken from three brand new Frontiers albums due to be released next Friday by Cobrakill, Gotus and Grand, plus two further tracks from Adam Norsworthy and Tom Robinson Band, who are appearing tomorrow and today respectively at the three-day West Coast Folk Festival that kicks off at Blackpool's Winter Gardens today. 


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