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Welcome To The Machine 8/4/19

The burning question on everybody’s lips is just who the hell are Glitter Machine? So why not do yourselves a favour and give today's Video Of The Day of their single 'Black Bird' - due to be released this Friday 12th April - a listen? With current viewing figures on YouTube of over 205k views (since November) for the single, it appears that quite a lot of people out there already know just who this band are and what it is that they’'re up to. One thing is for sure, if they continue to write, record and perform music like this, then they certainly won’'t be hanging out for fame too much longer. So if you like your music loud with raw vocals, searing guitars, a driving bass and thumping drums, then do keep Saturday 18th May free and get yourself along to their first live show at The Lexington in London.

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