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We Got This 23/5/20

Seth Walker's new single, 'We Got This', is today's Video Of The Day, and the song is a rallying cry for people everywhere to come together. While its origins pre-dated the Covid-19 outbreak, Walker completed the lyrics and recording with the help of producer Jano Rix of The Wood Brothers following the shutdown. The accompanying video, which was directed by Austin, Texas, based artist, Gary Dorsey, presents visual images flashing across the screen from crises overcome throughout the history of the United States. This latest release follows Walker's previous single, 'Warm Love', a cover of the Van Morrison classic, released earlier this year and his 2019 studio album, 'Are You Open?'. The Nashville, Tennessee, based artist has also been hosting a series of living room "virtual concerts" every other Sunday night on Facebook and Instagram Live. The next set is scheduled for Sunday 31st May.


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